West Crimea

The lovers of an inexpensive rest preferring an active way of life


This region of the Crimea is of interest to lovers of an inexpensive rest preferring an active way of life, especially for lovers of cycle racing and underwater swimming.

Many tourists bound for the north-western part of the peninsula get to Krasnoperekopsk by train, and from there along the sea-coast ride bicycles in the direction of Tarkhankut. In the village of Vorontsovka it is necessary to turn to the road leading to Razdolnoye. The highway here is rather a desert one, without intensive traffic, therefore the journey will be pleasant and safe. In Razdolnoye one may turn to the sea and ride to Portovoye. Here on the shore a spontaneous parking place is situated, and next to it, at the preserve Lebyazhi ostrova (Swan islands), thousands of birds build their nests.

Farther the way goes to Bakalskaya spit: a narrow strip of sand projecting far into the sea, with a traditional spontaneous parking space, is an excellent place for a halt. If one does not want to sleep in a tent, one can stay overnight in the village of Steregushcheye. Also here one can buy cheap food products. The bathing season at Bakalskaya spit begins in early May and continues till the middle of October.

You can also stop in Mezhvodnoe, Chernomorskoe, Olenevka. In the last settlement the selection of dwelling is diversified: there are cottages, rest homes, boarding houses, the residents of the village let rooms.

The Dzhangul landslide sea-coast and the rocks of the Big and Small Atleshes are the cult places of Tarkhankutsky peninsula. You will have to get there along country roads. For bicyclists this is not a problem, but many cars are far from passing there. A jeep is ideal for local roads. It is not worth to go out for a trip by a town car with a low carriage and a rear drive.

Tourists from many cities of CIS set up encampments on Dzhangul. Unfortunately, here practically there is no fresh water (you may to take it with you or you can buy it in the shops, many food shops in Mezhvodnoe, Chernomorskoe and Olenevka have the fresh water for sale), but then you are provided with a good fishing, a captivating underwater hunting, and with diving (submersion with an aqualung).

Atlesh rocks are an extremely exotic place. Coastal country roads lead there from the Tarkhankut lighthouse. Shores of limestone indented in a whimsical way set off the emerald sea deep. The water on Tarkhankut is very clean, therefore underwater submersion gives real pleasure.

The Bolshoi Atlesh (Big Atlesh), with an enormous arch, caves, grottoes, and steps cut out in stone, towers above the sea. Beside a metal staircase is erected for the descent to water. The pass to the staircase is blocked, those who wish to descend along it are to pay from 0.2 US$ (for excursionists) to 0.6 US$ (for individual tourists). A little farther one can descend to the sea free of charge, but with a lesser comfort. Here, by the cape, the tents of cycle tourists and lowers of underwater submersion stand. They take with them fresh water and firewood. On the Big Atlesh they fish by an ancient method lowering into the sea the so called karaviys - special fixtures invented as far back as by ancient Greeks.

The Maly Atlesh (Small Atlesh) is renowned for its tunnels. In the cape thickness the waves had knocked out a passage of length about 100 m. In that places a multitude of adventure films were shot, among them "The pirates of the XX century", "A man-amphibian", and others.

To the north of Atleshes the village Marino is situated where at the tourist parking place a not so Spartan way of life is accepted, although these places are not so beautiful.

Farther the road leads to a narrow and long lake Donuzlav. Unfortunately, across the spit separating it from the sea a canal had been dug, and one has to go round the lake through Novoivanovka. Then one can return to the sea and to stop in Popovka where during the season the tourists arrange a spontaneous camp. In villages along the sea-coast up to Yevpatoriya (Shtormovoe, Vitino, Zaozyornoe) one will find a place both for one's tent and for one's car.

In the Yevpatoriya environs you can make yourselves comfortable on a sand spit between the lake Sasyk and Kalamitsky bay. On the 51-st km there are a youth centre "Solnyshko" ("Caressing sun") with an autocamping-site for 100 visitors, a guarded parking place, a hotel, a disco equipped according to the latest achievements of technology, a cafe, bars, a restaurant, a children's playground, a diving-centre, etc. A well-equipped beach with a fresh-water shower-bath and bio-lavatories waits for lowers of a civilized rest. To install a tent costs 1 US$ a day (as well as a car). For those who have settled in the hotel a place at a guarded parking lot is given free of charge. Last season the daily cost of staying in the hotel amounted to 10 - 15 US$ per person. Here admirers of water kinds of sports come - lowers of yachts, sail-boards, diving. At the spit tents are set up by unorganized tourists - adversaries of an organized way of life when at rest.